New Yardi KUBE: You Can Now Seamlessly Manage Your Operations & Financials in One Integrated Platform
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New Yardi KUBE

Introducing KUBE: The Most Powerful Coworking Software on the Market

Increase Revenue Maximize Productivity Build Community

For New Coworking Spaces

For New Coworking Spaces

Opening a shared space? KUBE Coworking software will deliver all the tools essential to a thriving workspace.

For Existing Coworking Spaces

For Existing Coworking Spaces

Looking to optimize your existing workspace? Streamline your space for optimal growth with our Coworking software.

For Landlords

For Landlords

Have vacant or underperforming office space? Easily transform traditional space into Coworking space and generate more revenue with KUBE.

Unlimited Access to Coworking Resources

Visit the Resource Center to learn more about how to start, market and run a coworking space as well as exclusive insights on how to make your shared space successful.

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The Key to a Successful Space

KUBE by WUN’s intuitive Coworking software provides workspace operators with the right tools to efficiently manage and grow their space while delivering a phenomenal member experience.

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Yardi KUBE - Most Impactful Publications 2018

As you are probably well aware by now, 2018 was quite the year for the Yardi KUBE brand. Not only did we fully transition from WUN Systems to Yardi,...

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Instant Success with KUBE

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What Do Our Customers Say About KUBE?

“KUBE helped give us an integrated road-map to where we are today, which has been extremely helpful in our growth and the level of service we’re able to give to our clients.”

Scott Chambers
COO Pacific Workplaces

“KUBE allows me to offer our clients a full featured platform that just works. I get all the latest technology and integration without having to deal with configuration, maintenance, and support.”

Ryan Mindell
IT Director Premier Business Centers

“Their dedication to customer service is where they have created an invaluable difference in the marketplace. We are fortunate to have a quality technology provider that continues to meet the growing demands of our valuable clientele.”

James Kleeman
Director Emerge212

“Our team likes using KUBE because it's able to configure systems specifically for our members, unique to their needs.”

Kane Willmott
Co-Founder IQ Office Suites

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