WUN is now Yardi Kube. The #1 Coworking Management Platform.
WUN is now Yardi Kube.

SEO for Coworking Spaces: Step-by-Step
The purpose of this ebook is to help guide operators with detailed SEO strategies designed for the greatest visibility and conversions. With our research and expertise we’ve outlined how SEO works for Coworking spaces.

  • Targeting Prospects: When searching for a specific term, no two searches show the same results. By leveraging the factors that personalize the user’s search experience, you can best position your space to your target audience.

  • On-site Optimization: This chapter provides an in-depth look at what you need to best optimize your site. With an understanding of which search terms bring value to your space, you can build your website as an industry authority.

  • Other Mediums to Consider: SEO goes beyond Google. We look at what other avenues you can use to leverage your location online by understanding user behavior.

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