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Colliers Report: 2019 Flexible Workspace Outlook

Colliers International Group, a massive global real estate and investment management company, just released a very detailed report on the present and...

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Challenges of Opening Multiple Coworking Locations

More operators than ever are opening Coworking locations throughout the world. Not only are new operators entering the industry consistently, but...

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Restricting Internet Access in a Coworking Space

While the Coworking industry continues to grow, it is facing a very similar question to that of traditional offices and public Wi-Fi access...

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Building Member Personas for your Coworking Space

One of the most critical aspects to properly marketing your Coworking space is building member personas. You could be doing tons of hard work and...

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Yardi KUBE - Most Impactful Publications 2018

As you are probably well aware by now, 2018 was quite the year for the Yardi KUBE brand. Not only did we fully transition from WUN Systems to Yardi,...

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How Corporate Coworking is Changing Office Culture

In light of the new Yardi Matrix report on shared space disrupting the traditional office, let's take a dive into how corporate Coworking...

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