WUN is now Yardi Kube. The #1 Coworking Management Platform.
WUN is now Yardi Kube.


How does running a coworking space differ from managing traditional space?

Running a coworking space is operationally more complex than managing traditional commercial real estate. Coworking spaces have a much higher density than traditional space resulting in a higher volume of tenants (referred to as “members”) to bill, support, and manage. Members expect the space to deliver a turnkey solution from furnished offices to internet and voice services on-demand. In most traditional spaces, you are solely responsible for delivering office space without the services and amenities. Members of your coworking space will also expect you to foster a community which can drive collaboration and connections.

Yardi Kube’s coworking platform eliminates operational complexities of running and managing a successful Coworking space from automating billing to fostering community.

Why will sourcing your own coworking technology will work against you?

Historically, coworking operators have approached workspace management and delivery of services by hiring multiple outside vendors or dedicating a team of in-house engineers and programmers.

In the case of hiring multiple vendors to handle everything from automating your billing to delivering internet and voice on-demand, you end up with disparate systems that don’t connect well, with limited automation. The result is a highly inefficient method in which simple tasks such as onboarding a new member can take hours instead of seconds. In addition, managing multiple vendors will require a large amount of time or be cost-prohibitive in that it may require you to hire an In-house IT specialist. Staff and programmers often times are burdened with keeping pace with the day-to-day tasks and don’t have the time to focus on building a solution that will improve the process by increasing efficiency. Because technology is constantly evolving and in order to remain competitive, your may even need an R&D staff to help your business maintain its competitiveness in the market.

Regardless of whether you are hiring multiple vendors or attempting to build an in-house solution, the result will be high running costs and limited scalability. Yardi Kube is a scalable coworking space management software platform that allows non-technical admin level staff to manage the entire customer lifecycle from onboarding to billing to voice/data delivery on-demand.

Why is automation key to successful workspace management?

Coworking management software that lacks automation and self-service results in large inefficiency. Your time will be consumed with day-to-day operations, leaving no time to focus on building the business. Simple tasks such as increasing the Internet performance or providing automated door access for guests can take much more time than necessary, ultimately resulting in unhappy members.

Yardi Kube removes the operational burden from running a shared workspace and allow you to focus on what’s important: your members and your locations.

How do you prevent revenue leakage in your coworking space?

In the case in which you have disparate systems that don’t speak to one another, you may not bill the member for all appropriate charges. For example, if your meeting room is not fully automated including door access, you may find that members are being under-billed for their meeting room usage.

Another example would be if your phone system is not tied directly to your billing platform, you will likely have instances in which certain voice billing data is not imported correctly into your billing platform, thus resulting in under billing for your voice services.

Yardi Kube delivers a complete coworking management platform that ensures that all of your services are accurately billed each month to each of your members.

What should you look for in a coworking industry partner to ensure your success?

As a commercial real-estate owner, choosing the right partner upon entering the coworking industry is critical to your success. The platform should deliver a complete turn key solution from a management software perspective, to all the hardware and infrastructure needed, to onsite support for both your members and your staff.

Yardi Kube provides an all-inclusive solution to allow you to quickly transform your traditional space into shared space.

How does community play a role in the success of your coworking space?

In order to attract new members and retain existing members in your coworking space, you will need to provide a medium for your members to connect and collaborate. Most members today are seeking a space that, in addition to facilitating their work, can also serve as a bridge to connect with others similar to themselves. Whether this is done through message boards, interactive opportunities, networking, or any other means, Yardi Kube delivers a platform that drives community and collaboration in your space.

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