WUNHD Platform

Making workspace management simpler and more efficient


Transform your Workspace into a smart office environment.

The WUNHD Platform is an end-to-end workspace management solution that gives workspace operators the ability to manage their space effectively while delivering a seamless experience to their members.

Office space, virtual offices, meeting rooms, events, voice and data services can all be easily purchased and managed via our white label self-service platform, driving more revenue for workspace operators.

Member Management
Online Portal
IT Infrastructure

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White label booking &
Interactive Floorplan
Flexible Workspace Platform white-label
White label booking &E-commerce
Manage booking of your meeting rooms
Automatic invoicing based on usage
Sell your space and services online
Flexible Workspace Platform crm
Easily manage all of your leads
Connect directly to your website form
Electronic proposal generator
Flexible Workspace Platform interactive
Interactive Floor Plan
Color-coded visual display of your occupancy
Display market rate and ret history of each office
Easily incorporate into a proposal and marketing material
Flexible Workspace Platform billing
Track your clients, revenue, bookings, and more
Forecast your occupancy and revenue
Managa sales pipeline
Flexible Workspace Platform infrastructure
IT Infrastructure
Single portal to manage Voive, Data, Wifi & Door Access
Configure new users in seconds
Fully automated, no IT staff needed
Flexible Workspace Platform online-portal
Online Portal
View and manage meeting room bookings
Self-service from billing to infrastructure
Enables community in your workspace
Flexible Workspace Platform member
Member Management
Check-in and Check-out via front desk
Print identification badges
Notity individuals that your guest has arrived
Flexible Workspace Platform white-label
Track your clients, revenue, bookings, and more
Forecast your occupancy and revenue
Managa sales pipeline

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Allow clients to be more efficient, productive, and engaged through community.

Allow clients to be more efficient, productive, and engaged through community.

Self-service and automation of sales, billing, and services.

Self-service and automation of sales, billing, and services.

Simplify and centralize control of all IT systems.

Simplify and centralize control of all IT systems.


Make all of your services and products transactional online.

Make all of your services and products transactional online.

Allow WUN technology to enable the workspace of the future.

Allow WUN technology to enable the workspace of the future.

Real-time reporting on key KPI’s.

Real-time reporting on key KPI’s.


Learn more about our platform products

Learn more about our Platform products


One-click management for all your office apps like Salesforce, Office 365, and more all from the WUNHD Platform

  • 3-products-icons_wun-voice-9
    Automate Tasks
  • 3-products-icons_wun-data-5
    Quick & Easy Reporting
  • 3-products-icons_wun-wifi-3
    Increase Efficiency
  • 3-products-icons_wun-wifi-4
    One login to manage all your apps

Door Access

Automate the use of your meeting rooms and day offices.

Easily book a day office or meeting room online and instantaneously gain access to open the door, activate the WiFi, and make outbound calls.

  • 3_Products_Door_Control_Integrates-with-data
    App for apple & android
  • 3_Products_Door_Control_Integrates-with-data
    No central point of failure
  • 3_Products_Door_Control_Managed-in-the-cloud
    Managed in the Cloud
  • 3_Products_Door_Control_Full-reporting
    Full Reporting


Get fast and secure internet, where and when you need it.

With speeds of up to 1Gbps, no costly routing equipment, and insured uptime & reliability, what more can anyone really ask of their internet?

  • 3_Products_Internet_optimized-for-wun-voice
    Optimized for WUN Voice
  • 3_Products_Data_no-it-experience-required
    Monitored 24/7
  • 3_Products_Internet_ultra-high-speed
    Ultra High-Speed
  • 3_Products_Internet_extremely-reliable
    Extremely Reliable


White label coworking software.

From billing to sales automation, everything you need to effectively manage your workspace.

  • 3_Products_Software_White-Label-E-commerce
    White Label E-Commerce
  • 3_Products_Software_client-portal
    Client Portal
  • 3_Products_Software_billing
  • 3_Products_Software_crm
  • 3_Products_Software_electronic-proposal
    Electronic Proposal
  • 3_Products_Software_marketplace
  • 3_Products_Software_door-access
    Door Control
  • 3_Products_Software_wifi-network-control
    WiFi & Network Control
  • 3_Products_Software_help-desk
    Help Desk
  • 3_Products_Software_calendar
  • 3_Products_Software_snail-mail
    Snail Mail
  • 3_Products_Software_api


Save time and increase efficiency through self-service.

Both clients and guests can securely access your WiFi through your white-label splash page.

  • 3_Products_Wifi_lightning-fast
    Lightning Fast
  • 3_Products_Wifi_supports-high-density-environments
  • 3_Products_Wifi_secure-roaming
    Secure Roaming
  • 3_Products_Wifi_device-tracking-monitoring
    Device Tracking & Monitoring
  • 3_Products_Wifi_easy-to-use-interface
    Easy-to-Use Interface
  • 3_Products_Wifi_multi-device-capable
  • 3_Products_WUNHD-icon_local-support
    Track your guests
  • 3_Plans_StaffingAgency-icons_unify-workers-everywhere
    Marketing automation


Simplify and centralize your IT Network.

Our enterprise-grade data solution eliminates the need for multiple, costly network devices.

  • 3_Products_Data_bandwidth-management
    Bandwidth Management
  • 3_Products_Data_no-it-experience-required
    No IT Experience Required
  • 3_Products_Data_state-of-the-art-firewall
    State of the Art Firewall
  • 3_Products_Data_visual-usage-graphs
    Visual Usage Graphs
  • 3_Products_Data_billing-reports
    Billing Reports
  • 3_Products_Data_built-in-redundancy
    Built-In Redundancy
  • 3_Products_Data_cost-efficient
  • 3_Products_Data_regulate-all-network-devices
    Regulate All Network Devices


Optimize your business communications with WUN Voice.

You can break the boundaries of your office and work at maximum efficiency, all with ease.

  • 3_Products_Voice_unlimited-support
    Unlimited Support
  • 3_Products_Voice_unlimited-nationwide-service
    Unlimited Nationwide Service
  • 3_Products_Voice_99-uptime
    99.999% Up-Time
  • 3_Products_Voice_cloud-based
    Cloud Based
  • 3_Products_Voice_advanced-call-accounting
    Advanced Call Accounting
  • 3_Products_Voice_reception-console
    Reception Console
  • 3_Products_Voice_plug-play-from-anywhere
    Plug & Play from Anywhere
  • 3_Products_Voice_highly-affordable
    Highly Affordable
  • 3_Products_Voice_easy-to-use
    Easy to Use
  • 3_Products_Voice_multi-device-capable
    Multi-Device Capable

Whenever You Need Us

WUN OnDemand

WUN OnDemands allows your Technology Platform to adjust to the size of your workspace. Additional floors? Need to add more members? No sweat. We have it covered.

High-Level Support

WUN’s unique high level of support provides the help you need, anywhere and anytime, for as long as you need it—all at no additional cost. Isn’t that refreshing to know?”