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Why Choose WUN Business Center Software?

WUN provides a unique platform designed to help your business center raise revenue, optimize for efficiency, simplify management, and offer more to your members. WUN is well versed in assisting business centers with optimizing for growth, finding the most cost-effective measures for management, and exceeding the demands of members.


Better technology, better management, better revenue, and all around better experience for your members. WUN has the expertise and technology to help new and existing business centers improve their client offerings, automate all processes, and provide analytical insights for strategic decision making.

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How Can WUN Maximize Your Business Center?


Processes such as billing, conference room booking, client setup often times consumes the majority of your staff’s time preventing your space from growing.

WUN’s user-friendly, serviced office software automates all operational tasks associated with running a successful business center and shared office space from managing leads and monthly billing to on-demand Internet and Voice services. Through automation and self-service, you can control costs and ensure that your team is focused on scaling the business instead of battling operational barriers.

how do i automate my center?


When it’s comes to billing, most flexible workspaces must tie together reports and data from multiple sources such their copiers, phone system, and conference room management tools. The result is inaccurate and extremely time consuming.

WUN’s complete executive suite software fully automates your entire billing process by automatically compiling billing data associated with each of your services. Invoices are issued and tracked to ensure all payments are received automatically. KUBE by WUN maximizes your efficiency by integrating with your favorite billing applications and merchant services. Remove obstacles to opening and expanding workspaces by eliminating paperwork and excess manpower for billing.

how do i simplify my billing?


In today’s world, your clients expect to be able to utilize all of your services on-demand.

Through WUN’s flexible workspace app, we empower your clients to be able purchase, manage, and utilize all of your services in real-time. Simple tasks such as booking conference rooms, accessing the space after-hours, and paying the bills online can be done in just a few clicks. By providing an online marketplace and a self-service portal, you increase client retention and revenue.

how can i meet my clients demands?


Simple tasks such as setting up a new user with Internet and Voice can result in large amounts of your staff’s time or a excessive bill from your outsourced IT firm, or both. Clients requests often times take days instead of seconds resulting in client dissatisfaction.

With KUBE by WUN, the process of setting up a new client with Internet and Voice can be done with a few clicks by a non-technical person. The platform allows any of your staff to manage your entire network and fulfill all client’s requests through a ease-to- use interface. With WUN’s technology, your business center is able to control IT cost and increase your staff’s efficiency.

how do i control it costs?


The key to increasing revenue, maximizing efficiency, and scaling a business center is to sell of your services via room booking software and other online tools.
KUBE by WUN automates the sale of all services online from virtual offices to conference rooms. WUN’s Platform can be easily integrated into your existing website to ensure that you maintain a unified look and feel. By creating an online marketplace, you can open your business center to new opportunities.

how do i sell my services online?


“Their dedication to customer service is where they have created an invaluable difference in the marketplace. We are fortunate to have a quality technology provider that continues to meet the growing demands of our valuable clientele.”

James Kleeman Director Emerge212

IQ Office Suites

“Our team likes using KUBE because it's able to configure systems specifically for our members, unique to their needs.”

Kane Willmott Co-Founder IQ Office Suites

Premier Business Centers

“KUBE allows me to offer our clients a full featured platform that just works. I get all the latest technology and integration without having to deal with configuration, maintenance, and support.”

Ryan Mindell IT Director Premier Business Centers

Pacific Workplaces

“KUBE helped give us an integrated road-map to where we are today, which has been extremely helpful in our growth and the level of service we’re able to give to our clients.”

Scott Chambers COO Pacific Workplaces

How WUN can Maximize your Business Center?

Manage Members and Leads

Manage Members and Leads

Build Community

Build Community

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Automate Your Billing

Automate Your Billing

24/7 Full Support

24/7 Full Support

Internet and Voice On Demand

Internet and Voice On Demand

Customizable Plans, Flexible Pricing