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Why Choose WUN as your Conference Booking Software?

If you have a group meeting or a company gathering, where do you think to hold it? Are you sponsoring a significant event in your town, or need to organize a space for an important presentation? If you are, a conference center may be the best place to hold your next gathering. Conference centers are flexible workspaces geared towards company meetings, community events, retreats, and other workshops. You can book a meeting room or the entire facility based on your needs or your event, and they often make catering and other services available to your group if needed. The facilities in the conference center can be mixed and matched to meet your needs. If you are looking at conference center facilities for a business meeting or a client presentation, choose one that includes the space and managed IT services you need in order to make your business successful.

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WUN System’s interface is designed to be used by businesses looking for a simpler way to book a meeting room or ever to use the facilities offered by a conference center.

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Challenges Facing Conference Spaces


The key to a delightful meeting experience is solid Wi-Fi regardless of room capacity and application.

Through our intelligent platform, the network connection is automatically optimized in real-time to ensure maximum connectivity and performance for each of your clients and guests. Our user-friendly web and mobile platform enables you to easily to provide the right amount of bandwidth for each of your meetings. WUN’s self-service interface makes it easy your clients and guests to seamlessly connect to your Wi-Fi without requiring assistance from your staff.

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The key to growing and scaling a successful meeting space, events space, or conference space is to capturing and responding to leads.

You can eliminate the headache of manually managing your prospects and members. Through automation, KUBE by WUN allows you to connect with new leads instantaneously and track current opportunities. Empower your sales team with the only tool to ensure more closed deals and increased revenue for your conference center.

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In order to ensure repeat business, it’s critical that all the right ingredients for an optimal conference experience.

KUBE by WUN is a Workspace Management Platform that provides your staff with the tools to ensure that all parts of a successful meeting from booking to Internet connectivity to billing occur seamlessly. By enabling your staff to provide a delightful experience, you can ensure that you will build a dedicated fan base.

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Most meeting rooms, event spaces, and conference centers operationally rely on multiple hardware and software vendors resulting in excessive amounts of manual labor, costs, and inefficient processes. Event spaces are unable to scale and grow because simple tasks such as billing, setting up new client, and assembling reports can often takes hour or even days.

By providing a complete solution, KUBE by WUN automates every part of your conference space from managing leads and billing to on-demand Internet services. KUBE by WUN automatically tracks and invoices your members for all services. Through automation and self-service, you can increase efficiency and ensure your staff on focused growing the conference center.

how do i drive client retention?


The key to increasing revenue, maximizing efficiency, and scaling a Conference Center is to sell your spaces online through room booking software.

KUBE by WUN automates the sale of all your space online. KUBE by WUN can be easily integrated into your existing website to ensure that you maintain a unified look a user wants to book a meeting room. By creating an online marketplace, you can open your Conference space to new opportunities.

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“Their dedication to customer service is where they have created an invaluable difference in the marketplace. We are fortunate to have a quality technology provider that continues to meet the growing demands of our valuable clientele.”

James Kleeman Director Emerge212

IQ Office Suites

“Our team likes using KUBE because it's able to configure systems specifically for our members, unique to their needs.”

Kane Willmott Co-Founder IQ Office Suites

Premier Business Centers

“KUBE allows me to offer our clients a full featured platform that just works. I get all the latest technology and integration without having to deal with configuration, maintenance, and support.”

Ryan Mindell IT Director Premier Business Centers

Pacific Workplaces

“KUBE helped give us an integrated road-map to where we are today, which has been extremely helpful in our growth and the level of service we’re able to give to our clients.”

Scott Chambers COO Pacific Workplaces

How can WUN Maximize your Conference Center?

Manage Members and Leads

Manage Members and Leads

Build Community

Build Community

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Automate Your Billing

Automate Your Billing

24/7 Full Support

24/7 Full Support

Internet and Voice On Demand

Internet and Voice On Demand

Customizable Plans, Flexible Pricing