Corporate Coworking: Greater Collaboration, Community, and Cost-Efficiency.

Coworking has provided corporations with a model that is more liquid, flexible, and modular.  By taking incorporating this model, large businesses have been able to increase their revenue, drive greater innovation, and overcome operational barriers. There is a growing number of corporations interested in adopting flexible workspace strategies for greater profitability and opportunistic growth. Whether they are utilizing spaces in existing Coworking spaces or introducing Coworking centers within their own facilities, this strategy provides corporations with new options to explore growth that are innovative and cost-effective.


The Cost-Effective Benefits For Corporations in Coworking

Globally, 66% of desks and offices in corporate sit empty resulting in unnecessary costs to big companies that can certainly add up. However, through an innovative Coworking management system corporations can utilize software for hotdesking and room booking as opposed to having each staff member with a designated personal desk. This can save up to 30% in operational costs, granting companies greater flexibility.


Driving Innovation Through Coworking Management

The inherent advantage to operating within a Coworking space is that it provides a lower-risk, higher-reward avenue for innovation. Beyond the boundaries of start-ups and freelancers, Coworking creates a spirit of openness that attracts unique opportunities. One of these opportunities involves extending their footprint and creating a bridge toward attracting the uniquely talented, millennial-age, freelancers who operate within the “gig” economy. Many of these freelancers seek to work the way they want, when they want. By shedding the stale corporate culture, Coworking creates an atmosphere that best attracts this kind of talent. By having the right flexible office solutions in place, corporations and freelancers can customize the way in which they work together. This increases interaction and welcomes collaboration between all parties, creating a more energized and motivated workforce community.


Disrupting Culture and Overcoming Operational Challenges

Less bureaucracy, more big ideas. Similar to how traditional office designs can make employees feel confined, having poor workspace management software can equally hinder collaboration and community. With the right tools in place, corporations can further disrupt operational challenges by having the technology to allow employees to work from a different desk each day, check-in when they want, and checkout when they have finished. The result is a more efficient workforce that thrives through an atmosphere that caters to creativity, open communication, independence, and balance. By allowing new forms of interaction corporations can transform their stale corporate culture: transforming monotony into motivation.
WUN Systems specializes in providing flexible office solutions designed to introduce Coworking into workspaces. Through our unique Coworking management solutions, we can help create an atmosphere and culture that drives cost-efficiency, increases innovation, and creates a more-open working environment. Click below to learn more about how the WUN Platform helps bridges corporations in Coworking toward the next big idea.


CRM and Lead Management for Coworking

What is “smart” lead management? How does it apply to Coworking, and how can it be beneficial to the operation and growth of your workspace? The benefits to having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your workspace includes the ability to stay on top of leads and opportunities, find new options for revenue, and manage your members more efficiently. Here is how The WUN Platform improves the overall management for Coworking.




Simplify Your Workspace Management, Stay on Top of Leads and Opportunities

The WUN Platform’s CRM and Lead Management allows you to be more efficient in managing and staying connected with their open opportunities by allowing them to easily track all prospects throughout the various stages of the sales cycle. Included in the CRM is a proposal builder that allows for your sales team to easily and quickly generate proposals in seconds. By utilizing these features, you can close more deals and increase revenue for your space.




It Can Be the Secret Weapon to Marketing Your Work Space

Our CRM and Coworking lead management allows for you to capture information from a variety of sources including your website, when guests log onto your WiFi, and E-mail campaigns. With the information captured via our CRM, you can use this information for your marketing initiatives. You could also use this information for newsletter marketing, constructing the perfect list of recipients ready to read your message. The CRM can also provide critical insights into which of your services and packages are best-sellers among your members and guests through our real-time reporting.




It Connects Your Community and Members

The member data stored in the CRM is automatically connected to an online member directory. Each of the members can access the directory through a white-label member portal and update their information accordingly. By connecting the member directory to the CRM, your team can easily access accurate information on each of your members as well as perform searches for members based on key criteria such as industry, location, and skillset.

Our CRM and Lead Management empowers your team by simplifying operational processes. The WUN Platform will help you work to grow your space, rather than work to simply maintain it. Enhance your management through a system that connects, communicates, and creates new opportunities. To learn more about The WUN Platform and our CRM, please contact us below.


While Coworking to niche markets has carved new forms of success, it has also created new challenges. The inherent benefit to Coworking is offering paths for collaboration and cross-pollination among members. By offering space to specific niches, members of a specific causes, industries, and non-traditional practices can create new business models for their growth. To meet this demand, operators have been faced with the need to create new business models to stay open. The key to meeting these needs and ensuring the growth of your workspace is understanding the operational complexities of your niche and creating a strategy specific to it.

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Coworking for a Cause

A rising trend in the workspace as a service market is offering a space that’s specific to a certain group or industry. Recently opened Coworking spaces that are exclusive to women, for instance, offers reading spaces, yoga classes, and in some cases spas and salons. This is a noticeable contrast to other spaces that may have ping pong tables, game rooms, and workout rooms.  By doing this, members feel they are in an environment that promotes cooperation more than conflict. The same can be said about the more artistic workspaces, where throwing paint and creating loud noises is instrumental to the process and can be performed in an area without the worry of noise complaints from a neighbor. The challenge for operating these spaces is generating consistent revenue. Members may be from businesses that are currently not economically viable and capable of paying what other members may be able to afford.  With the right Coworking software you can offer special membership packages to be sold online, access to a booking calendar for renting meeting rooms and desks, and provide communication directories that can connect members by their industry and skill set to help grow their business. With these steps in place, you can best position your space for a unique experience where all parties can thrive.


Coworking for New Opportunities

Another immediate benefit to Coworking that has been receiving recent praise in the industry and media is that these spaces offer opportunities for businesses that normally wouldn’t be able to rent a traditional commercial space even if they had the means to. This isn’t about catering to a niche audience, but catering to those that cater to these niches themselves. These Coworking spaces become entry points for new networks, making them more available to stir up the pot with other start-ups and freelance talents. The challenge for this is finding ways to strengthen your community. This can be achieved by offering members access to a client portal with a member directory that categorizes users by expertise and industry. With the right Coworking space management software you can ensure your space is one that champions collaboration and innovation.

Whether for a cause, community, or a non-traditional opportunity, Coworking for a niche audience offers its own set of challenges for members and operators respectively. To meet these challenges and, you must fine tune your strategy. At WUN Systems we specialize in finding ways to help you streamline your efforts so you can focus on offering the most for your members. If you would like to know more about maximizing the potential of your niche Coworking space. Contact us directly.


Earlier in March, WUN Systems joined with our friends at FindWorkspaces ( to put on an important webinar for coworking managers and workspace operators looking to increase their revenue without any spending on advertising. Presented by Warren Hersowitz, Director of Sales at WUN Systems alongside Evan Oder, CEO and Managing Director of FindWorkspaces. With each presentation came proven methods for building traffic, increasing visibility online, and driving greater conversion….without a penny spent for any advertising. None.

 Marketing Your Coworking Space Location Online

Oder outlined the importance of proximity in search results. Through this portion of the webinar he outlined leveraging your physical results through Google. Throughout the years location has always been a deciding factor in lead generation. In today’s times, it couldn’t be more true. Furthermore, Oder explained how Google lists and ranks map listings online and the steps you can take to ensure a better position. This includes methods for generating reviews as well as improving the appearance of your workspace online through both Google and your website. By following the steps outlined in the webinar, you can see a world of change from only a handful of actions.

Improving E-Commerce and Conversions for Your Coworking Management

Hersowitz elaborated on what to do once you start seeing traffic. Setting up your website to be more transactional and able to convert leads is as important as anything–even if you were spending money on advertising. One of the first steps to improving the E-commerce aspect of your site is to provide self-service for your visitors. This gets your customers to sign up without having to talk to you or your staff. Especially when these customers are visiting from out of town and need to book a space, they won’t even know how to reach you–and won’t need to. Making the process self-service and accessible without having to rely on a manual process provides a world of difference in driving greater conversions on an already existing audience.

By following the steps outlined in the webinar you can set yourself up for greater revenue, brand visiblity, and conversions without a single cent toward product placement. If you’re interested in catching the replay, click the button below:


Regardless of whether you and your staff prefers working the standard 9-to-5 hours, it’s not only possible to still provide for your members seeking 24/7 access—but profitable. Staying open throughout all hours is a significant benefit to your members for building community and increasing the revenue to your workspace. Here is how you can capitalize on this rising trend and grow your workspace.

Going All Hours = Going the Extra Mile For Your Members

Members have various reasons for why they are in the workspace and how they work best. Some members are late-risers who arrive around noon and do their best work under the light of the evening hours. Others are managing start-ups or projects as part of a side-hustle to what they normally do during business hours. Others have opportunities that can only be capitalized upon at night. If your workspace cannot account for this, your members will find another model that works for them. When factoring in costs for operating after hours, you’ll need to consider the opportunity loss associated with not meeting these demands.

How Cost-Effective Is It, Exactly?

When you look at it, keyless access to the workspace is an adaptation in accessibility toward being there when your members need you the most. Recent studies have shown that having spaces open to be booked during nights and weekends could bring in at least 10% more business your way. Not to mention, if you can’t meet these demands, the long term costs will continue to accrue based on changing trends in the flexible workspace industry as well as what your competitors have to offer. Offering 24/7 Keyless Access to accommodate for your members around the clock is critical to staying competitive and keeping streams of revenue intact.

With Great Accessibility, Comes Great Efficiency

Michael Jordan once said, “it’s not the hours you put in, but what you put in those hours.”  So when it comes to staff management, you must ask yourself if you’d rather have them performing the manual tasks associated with activating access and keys. What keyless access does is streamline and automate the process, eliminating the need for having extra staff to handle these critical processes that a robust keyless access system can handle in real time.

Keyless access doesn’t just keep your doors open, it opens your space up to new opportunities. Being more accessible and more connected to the demand of your members, can strategically position your workspace for greater monetization, efficiency, and community. Now is a more important time than ever to recognize this rising trend for the sake of staying competitive, driving member retention, and providing the best possible experience for the people who need your space—when they need it.

To learn more about the benefits of 24/7 Keyless Entry and the different it will make for your workspace. Please click the button below to contact one of our consultants.


We are always listening to our operators and clients on how to improve the experience. Recently, we noticed the preference of specific features found within the Launchpad of the WUN Platform. We also noticed the utilization of our shortcuts features.

To help further the benefits of our platform, we’re launching a new interface in two months to help bring these desired options to the forefront. This new interface will help bring you further options to manage, automate, and collaborate closer to your fingertips.

Advantages to New Menu Structure:

  • More Features to the Forefront- We’ve expanded on the sub-menus to bring you more selection of your favorite features. This should simplify the management process with access to billing, data management, and floor plan activity right at your fingertips.
  • Increased Efficiency- By bringing more shortcut options to the forefront, this should reduce the time spent navigating the platform. You can go where you need to in lesser clicks.
  • Optimization for all Devices- We made the WUN Platform more accessible for users on all mobile, tablet, laptop, as well as desktop. We have made the platform more manageable from anywhere.

A smarter workspace demands for more simplicity with empowerment at every step. WUN Systems is proud to serve our operators and hopes these new changes will help bring greater efficiency–which is what WUN does best. If you’d like to learn more about how WUN Systems helps the shared workspace industry, click below to schedule a demo.



Advances in technology has helped various industries has helped business entirely reinvent their workspace. As if a new marriage that is empowering, efficient, and all the most effective at managing costs. The advantages to the flexible workspace are making themselves known, crossing boundaries once defined by industries and locations. What flexible workspaces do is create more room for meetings, conferences, and keeping everyone in the office on the same page. Here are a few new industries experiencing the benefits of the “smarter” workspace.

Law Firms

Integration of technologies has helped law firms efficiently keep their records intact. Furthermore, other amenities such as individualized door control addresses various security needs for these law firms–while keeping costs lowered.

Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies rely on technology to keep their records up to date, especially in regards to provided coverage for the insured. Furthermore, IT Services must go a long way in effectively communicating with all parties, co-workers, managers, and customers alike. For this type of industry, remote work also goes a long way for agents.

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms are in charge of a large amount of private data and records that must be protected at all costs. Accounting firms also need to make sure they have seamless ways to communicate for this, they can greatly benefit from data, internet, and voice packages to ensure both security and connectivity.

Financial Services

A smarter workspace for financial services can help consolidate solutions under one source. This helps with keeping up with changes in currencies, money transfers, and having to communicate with other banks. Financial services is a varied field with wide array of services, efficiency is key to overcoming these challenges.

WUN Systems is proud to serve these various professional service firms, with solutions and amenities for staying connected, increasing their revenue, and maintaining the best operational standards of practice. If you’d like to learn more about how WUN Systems helps the shared workspace industry, click below to schedule a demo.


On the night before St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll be attending the Workspace Association of New York (WANY) 12th anniversary event as an official sponsor. On Thursday, March 16th, 2017. WUN Systems will be sponsoring the event hosted by Emerge 212.

WANY is a 3-Time Award-Winning And Current Affiliate Member Of The Global Workspace Association.  They serve as an industry trade organization based in the Tri-State area, representing over 2 million square feet of managed workspaces. They are presently a leading organization in the workspace industry utilizing all the newest advancements within the workspace industry.

This event will serve to honor the dedication and excellence that WANY has brought to the shared workspace industry. Founded on the principles of Hospitality, Standards, Quality, and Service,  we look forward to celebrating their excellence for years to come.

We are looking forward to showcasing our technology and what our advancements have brought to the shared workspace industry. Having been honored a several awards from WANY as well as the Global Workspace Association, we look forward to an amazing and collaborative event. If you’d like to learn more about how WUN Systems helps the shared workspace industry, click below to schedule a demo.


We are now approaching a new age of Coworking. New developments in the industry as well as recent projections that have become known. Here are new trends in the world of workspace culture you need to know about:

  • Coworking spaces are continuing to open across the world. This rising trend is attributed to other industries and cultures coming into the fold.
  • The population of members is also projected to grown on a similar trend.
  • Members are expecting to see more contracts, income, as well as more sustainability operating within these workspaces.

For these reasons, it’s important to look into these critical factors.

On-Site and Remote Support

In the event of a system malfunction. Will you be there when your members need you to be? There needs to be a system in place in the event your services go down during the off hours. Having a loss of data connectivity, WiFi accessibility, and door access could equate to lost revenue for your space. Staying connected is critical to keeping revenue for your space.

Monetization of Space

Gaining an understanding of which areas of the office are, and are not, being used by your members will allow you to keep a real-time view of your availability. Going beyond toward Sun Tzu’s teachings in The Art of War, understanding the lay of the land is one of the major components to victory. In this case, you’ll see what areas are keeping the lights on—helping you find ways to improve.

End to End Solutions and Connectivity

Having all your technology under one source saves time, increases efficiency, and significantly improves the experience for all your members. Through a single solution, you can have full control and analytics of your space directly at your finger tips.

Taking these areas into account will keep your workspace streamlined for growth and retention. Staying connected, monetizing you space, and simplifying your solutions are three of the best ways to keep operating at the optimal.

If you have any questions about WUN Systems, and how we can help address these factors. Please click the button below.



Highlighting emerging trends within the shared  workspace industry, QTLY is an event held throughout the United States created to support workspace owners with their local markets. QTLY is the first program of it’s kind to balance formal presentations with casual breakout sessions for professional networking. We’re excited to see what new developments will be in store for February 22nd.

WUN Systems will be on hand to encourage collaboration, showcasing their unique solutions for improving the quality of the workspace, and connecting owners, operators, and those within the workspace community. This event will be hosted at The LAB Miami ( Located within the heard of Wynwood, where much of Miami’s new art and technology is celebrated, The LAB will serve as an ideal location for showcasing new innovations. With the recent successes and growth of The LAB Miami, the space remains committed to providing a stronger community for their members–as well as all of Miami.

You can find the lab at:

400 NW 26th. Miami FL, 33127
Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm
24/7 Access to all members

By the numbers, Miami is growing. Miami was recently ranked in the Kaufman index as the second-most entrepreneurial city in 2016 with a startup density of 247.6 companies being created per 100,000 people.  Continuing this trend, shared workspaces will soon grow to 12,000 spaces with 1,000,000 members by the end of 2017–as projected by QTLY. QTLY has also grown in influence going from 160+ participating spaces representing 20,000 members to an estimated 900 participating spaces with 110,000 communities represented.

Let us know if you’re in town. Swing by The LAB on February 22nd, we look forward to seeing you. If you’d like to learn more about WUN Systems and their technology. Please click the button below to schedule a demo.