White Label Your Workspace with WUN Systems

White-Label Your Workspace with WUN Systems

One of the, sorry…WUN of the things we pride ourselves most on is that our platform and services are white-label. Having been blessed with working with several beautiful Coworking and Shared Offices throughout the years is seeing how much the clients take pride in their space. Making it theirs. Many of them, adopt an identity of their own. Take for instance our friends at Quest Workspaces that we just did an installation for one of their soon-to-be-opened spaces. We optimized every facet of our technology to provide for their members…or as they call them, Questers.


Here is how you can white-label your workspace with the benefits of WUN Systems.

Coworking Technology and Infrastructure

When we send our engineers out on the job, we want to make sure that our components stay connected at all levels. That means keeping the Wi-Fi strong across every corner, having the right services to meet the demand of the operator as well as the members, and providing other amenities such as 24/7 door access control so you can stay operational after hours with less overhead and staff on hand. Most importantly, we serve to make sure our installation matches the aesthetic of the office. As demonstrated by our one of our top engineers, Reese.


Handling Operational Complexities

More often than not one of the biggest issues facing operators is that they find more of their time spent on working for their space, rather than working on it. It’s our belief that our solutions are suited to your needs and designed to place operators in a position of expansion. Through the automation of the WUNHD Platform, operators now have a better grasp on their branding. Giving them….not to sound corny but…


Branded Communication.

One of the biggest elements to building a community within the workspace is communication. We revamped WUNHD to empower communication on a whole different level. Not only can you organize events, connect all members, and provide booking features for both members and guests, we now added the option to customize your announcements and emails through HTML templates. Now you can create invitations, notices, and most importantly, party announcements in your own image.

It’s been an honor having the opportunity to work with beautiful workspaces all over the United States and beyond. We hope to feature more of the places we work with in the coming year. Just be sure to keep our email in your branded-party invites.

Special thanks to Quest Workspaces for the Photos, btw! See you at the grand opening in a few weeks!


We are very thankful for the year we just had. WUN Systems expanded itself in every possible way in 2016. We expanded our headquarters in Miami and opened a new distribution facility in Reno, NV for better service to our customers. Once again, Inc. magazine rated us as one of America’s fastest-growing businesses. With 2017 around the corner, we have every intention to take this growth even further. Here are some excited new features to the WUNHD platform look forward to.

“Smarter” Visitor Management

One of the biggest additions to the WUNHD platform is the integration of the iPad digital visitor management application, Greetly. Through Greetly, visitors can directly notify hosts of their arrival, state the reason for their visit (food and package deliveries, for instance) and directly book future meetings. Best of all, Greetly syncs directly with the WUNHD platform. We’ve seen Greetly make a major difference in the way offices and workspaces are organized.




Advanced Booking Features

One of the biggest overhauls that came with our newly designed member portal was the enhancements made to our Guest Booking process. To further empower our workspaces, we’ve allowed for mobile booking for our guests. Guests can also directly book spaces through an email confirmation. Through this process, guests can find options for requests, check-ins, changes, and cancellations.

Community and Collaboration

As mentioned in a recent guest post by our marketing manager, technology in Coworking and Shared Offices should always be optimized for community.  We feel the new changes to WUN Systems reflect that desire. We’ve worked to improve our reservations, directory, and most importantly communication features to keep everyone in the workspace connected with methods that are both efficient and convenient. This goes from our customizable white-label messaging system to our advanced billing features.

These are three features we feel will make a big difference for our clients and their members come 2017. However, we are expecting more changes along the way in 2017. We should be coming near a very big year in terms of evolution.




WUN Systems was honored to have been reviewed by several of the most trusted names in Coworking. Here are some of the features that have received the most praise.

Live Floorplan feature for Inventory Management

 We received high marks for our interactive floor plan which allows our clients to view their inventory in real time. This floor plan can be incorporated into proposals and marketing materials as well, providing added value for our customers. Workspaces are assigned with colors or tags of availability divided into two categories — inventory and non-inventory. At any given time, our virtual map can be consulted for an overview of occupancy, availability and rent history of each office.

Thorough Reports and Analytics

Our expansive reporting and analytics system did not go overlooked. We can report on a variety of things, including Member Calculations which can show booking credit usage for each member and any overages they went into at a company or individual level. We also have CRM reports, as well as lead-to-conversion usage and Google Analytics capabilities.

A Tried and True End-to-End Solution

We were recognized for providing a solution that does it all, from providing members with the ability to reserve rooms themselves to providing the Coworking space with a one-stop-shop solution to for everything they need to efficiently run a smart, automated workspace.

 2016 was a year of growth and adaptation for WUN Systems, and we have taken all of the feedback we have received from clients, customers and prospects to heart.

We are constantly evolving our product to better meet the needs of our clients and to stay at the forefront of technology as new technologies emerge and the Coworking industry continues to change. We want to thank all of our clients for their support in 2016 and are very excited to announce some big changes that we have coming in 2017.


Rebuilt. Rediscovered. Re-imagined.

We are ready to take it to the next level for 2017. We’ve redesigned the front end user interface of the WUNHD platform from the ground up. Based on the feedback from both our customers and engineers, this new facelift will go the extra mile in connecting users and improving functionality.

Engineered for Community

We designed the interface and function to enhance the community-feel for the end user. This new interface provides a more accessible means of connecting the customer with a complete solution to address their specific needs–including third party integrations and the overall functionality of our expanding platform. For instance, we wanted to improve the communication within the workspace. One of the ways in which we did this was by granting the ability to brand your workspace as it’s own entity. With new email template and design options, you can customize your messaging with new HTML features.

We’ve also included Direct Guest booking. All guests need is just an email confirmation to directly book a space. This also includes options for checking in, cancelling, and making changes to their reservation.

Some of the other features include:

  • A New Master Calendar for the Front End, Customer, and Reseller Portal, respectively.
  • Mobile Booking with all features accessible via smartphone.
  • Real Time Availability for both present and upcoming dates.
  • Improved booking features.

To get the full grasp of these new features, we proudly offer online training through the knowledge base of the portal.

Designed for convenience and convergence, we’re excited to see how our new features will empower your workspace. We are ready to take the “smarter” workspace to another level. If you currently don’t use the complete WUNHD platform click the link below to schedule a demo.


New Opportunities Through Expression

Just a few days ago we had this little thing in our backyard called Art Basel. If you’re not a Miami person, you probably don’t know how much of an international phenomenon it has grown to become. Art Basel is a once a year festival where galleries and exhibitions ignite the South Florida streets a unique beauty of it’s own. That, and there’s a bunch of crazy parties and stuff… Okay, it’s really hard to explain what Art Basel and the more you try to ask about it the more confused it gets. So instead I’ll just hit you with some facts: According to this recent article, Art Basel 2015 featured 267 leading international galleries from 32 countries. It’s not uncommon seeing pieces sell for $400k-$1 Million. 

With an office located in the Downtown Miami area, we got to enjoy some of the festivities right from our own backyard:



Being the Coworking and Shared Workspace Enthusiasts that we are, we’ve grown to appreciate being surrounded by expression. When it comes to inventing new ideas for a new kind of workforce, we prefer the ambience of chaos. So much that since moving to our new digs deeper into downtown Miami, we wanted to match the energy of our city. So we hired renowned Miami Artist and Muralist, Marcus Blake. To provide the 305 vibrance within these new walls.




Over the years we’ve found that Coworking spaces tend to feature newer styles of art because the space isn’t tied to a specific company or brand message. In doing so, the workspace is open to express itself in a way that best inspires and influences their tenants. As a provider of technology solutions specific to this industry, we’ve done installations around some serious aesthetic. With this freedom workspace operators are truly empowered to make the most of the experience from the architecture and beyond.


Furthermore, many of these shared workspaces are located within a city’s art district. In Miami, for instance, we’re a short walk away from Wynwood–a neighborhood that has it’s own subculture within itself. In fact it was the art of Wynwood that laid the foundation for one of our Miami clients: The LAB Miami. 

The benefit extends to artists as well. For many startups and companies operating within a shared workspace, hiring various artists and designers on a freelance basis is almost a necessity to these businesses. Suffice to say, the “gig” economy has created some sort of marriage between the startup business and the artists of tomorrow–both sharing the mutual desire to break the mold. At WUN Systems, we’re about enhancing the experience. We love the art of the places we serve. It’s our philosophy to make the most of our clients with technology that is accessible, encompassing, empowering, and yet non-intrusive to the aesthetic and atmosphere.



Coworking While on Vacation

Summer is here, and for many that means traveling with the family while children are out of school. But what happens when you still need to get work done? This is where the global expansion of the coworking industry steps in. The international coworking industry has experienced major growth over the past five years, with new coworking spaces and business centers appearing in most major cities. These spaces are used by city residents, but also provide a great option for the wanderers of the world when work still needs to get done.

The flexibility of these workspaces is what attracts many companies and freelancers to use them regularly for day-to-day work. This same flexibility makes them ideal for travelers. While most hotels now provide Wi-Fi to their guests, the service can be slow and often unreliable. Couple that with sitting on a bed or a cramped desk, and one can conclude this is often not the most productive place to work. Locating a coworking space that offers flexible plans, such as hourly desk space, will mean your work gets done more efficiently, leaving more time for the vacation that was planned on.

Here are some of WUN Systems’s favorite workspaces around the world:

Makers of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) MOB3

Known as MOB, this space focuses on connecting a diverse community of people, to collaborate and innovate. The space offers a wide range of flexible memberships to fit any schedule.


BHIVE Workspace (Bangalore, India) 

The largest coworking space in Bangalore, India’s startup capital, BHIVE has a number of locations throughout the city. In addition to offering furnished offices, meeting rooms, dedicated desks and ‘hot seats’, BHIVE regularly hosts events to help their community members.


Work Club (Sydney, Australia) 

Ideally created for individuals and small teams, the Work Club Sydney location prides itself on its professional yet relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful design inspires productivity, with the boardroom overlooking Hyde Park.


Urban Station Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

With spaces in four different countries, Urban Station is creating a global network for mobile workers. Created as a hybrid between café and office, food and drink is included with the price of a desk. Simply walk in and sit at a desk, order from the menu and pay upon exit for the length of time you were there.

Many of these offer plans specifically for travelers, so the next time you want to take a trip but know you’ll need to get work done, plan to work like a local and book a desk at an international workspace.

WUN Systems’ Key Takeaways from WANY’s #BC50

WUN Systems was a proud Platinum Sponsor of this year’s WANY conference held in New York. Between the enlightening speaker blocks and a special magical appearance from flexible workspace industry founder Paul Fegen, our team had a great time manning the WUN photo booth and hosting a happy hour – all while educating attendees about our new WUN HD platform. We embraced the event’s British Invasion theme, decking our booth out with American flags.

20160617_082019 (1)

The conference provided valuable insight into international coworking and business center trends. Here are some of our key takeaways from the conference:

  • Coworking has evolved from a necessity based on workspace scarcity and economic uncertainty, to a necessity driven by reimagined vertical spaces, technological innovation and demand for collaborative communities.
  • Millennials are now filling up the ranks of the professional pyramid. A generation that has always been connected socially and technologically, this change in employee demographics makes it no surprise that the style and priorities of workplaces are changing dramatically.
  • Now more than ever the need for community and collaboration is key in order to achieve innovation and maintain a fulfilling work life balance. While a common perspective of startups and tech entrepreneurs, we are seeing more traditional companies realizing the financial possibilities of this type of game-changing work environment.
  • As the global economy continues to evolve we will see a systematic elimination of the isolated work environment that we have become so familiar with, giving rise to an age of collaborative work environments.

The WUN HD platform was developed with these future trends in mind, giving millennials the connected technology they desire while providing workspace managers with an effective way to run their ever-evolving offices.

We at WUN Systems were thrilled to be the recipients of this year’s Vanguard Award, and are looking forward to continued growth in the coming year. Hope to see everyone, and more, at WANY next year!


WUN Systems at GCUC ALL 2016

WUN Systems was a proud sponsor and attendee of the recent GCUC ALL unconference in Los Angeles. Over the week our team members had a productive time speaking to other industry pros about the new WUN HD platform and important trends in coworking. Much was learned during the presentations given by industry heavyweights. In one session Deskmag presented research analysis from their global coworking survey, providing insight into the worldwide industry. We also took full advantage of all the fun networking activities GCUC ALL put together, from a scavenger hunt to dinners and a disco-themed party!


Do you know the top seven mistakes coworking spaces make? If you attended our seminar at GCUC ALL, you would. We filled the room for a presentation and discussion on common mistakes space managers make, and how they can be avoided in the future.


Our Business Development Manager Michael Motley represented WUN Systems at COSHARE’s Genius Bar, where GCUC ALL attendees could sign up to speak to coworking experts for 30 minutes. Motley focused on IT solutions and flexible workspace technology – he also provided insight on other topics of interest.


In addition to chatting with our team at the WUN Systems booth, GCUC ALL participants were able to sign up online for a demonstration of our new WUN HD platform. The platform was met with great reviews and we’re excited to continue sharing it with current and potential clients.


We are already counting down until next year’s GCUC unconference — maybe we’ll get one more level to our pyramid for the scavenger hunt!


In the Press: WUN Systems Featured in Officing Today

Google just launched its new Google Fiber Internet and television services and WUN Systems’ CEO Dale Hersowitz weighed in on the product for Officing Today. In an article entitled “Google Fiber: How it can Give Your Center a Competitive Edge” Hersowitz discusses the importance of having a flexible technology platform in place at a shared space office to maintain control when new products, like Google Fiber, are announced. It’s this flexibility, Hersowitz says, that allows shared space operators to adapt to the ever-changing market.

Google Fiber is Google’s answer to “extremely reliable, lightning-fast Internet & television services at prices 80 percent to 90 percent below current market providers.” Its introduction to the market has been met with mixed reviews, as Google Fiber is not available everywhere just yet. However, it could be very disruptive in the areas it reaches.

Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/1Wb65bp

WUN Systems Launches Revolutionary Single-Source IT Platform for Coworking & High Growth Businesses

WUN Systems, the leading single-source IT platform provider for high growth businesses and Coworking spaces, today announced the launch of their WUN HD platform, a revolutionary new IT platform that combines a powerful IT infrastructure with business software to provide comprehensive, affordable technology for shared spaces.

WUN Systems partnered with HappyDesk, enterprise software for shared spaces, to develop the WUN HD platform. The WUN HD platform utilizes HappyDesk’s comprehensive business software for the shared space and WUN Systems’ IT infrastructure (voice, data, wifi, door control, etc.) to create a single-source IT platform for Coworking.

“We created the WUN HD platform to give our shared spaces, and their members, a reliable, affordable and feature-rich community-driven experience,” said Dale Hersowitz, CEO of WUN Systems. “In a competitive market, shared spaces are set apart by their tech-savvy offerings and member experiences. The WUN HD platform is new-era technology that creates a seamless user experience, from virtually unlocking a door and shutting off lights to providing wifi passwords and outbound call codes in conference rooms.”

In addition to an engaging user experience, the WUN HD platform is easily scalable, so shared spaces can grow their own business with the technology offerings.  The WUN HD platform increases efficiency, saving companies revenue, while optimizing their workspaces.

“We create a smart workspace that allows all technology to work in unison,” continued Hersowitz. “One of the greatest impacts of the smart workspace is that it creates an environment which is conducive to drive community, productivity and creativity.”