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  • Build a Thriving Community
  • Stay on Top of Leads and Opportunities
  • Automate and Streamline Your Billing Services
  • Book Spaces from Anytime, Anywhere
  • Voice and IT Infrastructure
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Dedicated Customer Service

Instant Success with KUBE

Successful Operators optimize with KUBE Coworking Software

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

KUBE monetizes all aspects of your Coworking space by making it easy to package and sell your services to members both online and in person.

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize Efficiency

Through automation and self-service delivered by KUBE, you are able to streamline back-end processes and overcome operational complexities.

Build Community

Build Community

Build lasting bridges for collaboration through which your members can feel empowered, engaged, and essential to a growing ecosystem

KUBE - Coworking Software

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Member Management

You can streamline your workspace and Coworking management by employing a single solution for maintaining all of your leads and member data through our KUBE platform. Stay on top of leads and close more opportunities through our powerful and connected CRM. Capture the information of all prospects accessing your site through our lead management system. Maximize efficiency and client retention by keeping all of your member’s information organized and easily accessible in one place.

how do i connect my community?

Invoicing and Payments

Invoices are issued and tracked to ensure all payments are received automatically using our work space management tools. KUBE maximizes your efficiency by integrating with your favorite billing applications and merchant services. Remove obstacles to opening and expanding workspaces by eliminating paperwork and excess manpower for billing.

how do i automate my billing?

Proposal Builder

You can save time and close more deals by generating compelling contracts, with attached floor plans, within a few clicks that you can send instantly through our space manager software. Avoid having to re- key in time-consuming information by having the contract builder automatically pull your data from the CRM. KUBE allows you to customize the contracts to match your brand, your terms, and your services.

The interactive floor plan allows you to upload a blueprint of your space and effectively view your occupancy in real-time. Through the platform, you can generate new contracts for empty spaces and renewals for existing clients by simply clicking on an office on the floor plan.

how can i save time generating contracts?

Booking Calendar

You can easily manage bookings through our room booking software. Through web or mobile, our self-service application allows your members and guests to book, confirm, and manage reservations. Our conference booking system and space management software automates the door access process, connecting to WiFi, and billing for services. Open your workspace to new opportunity by making it easy to book and access your space 24/7.

how can i increase my bookings?

Membership Plans

You can create membership and packages with any services suited to your operation through our Coworking space management software and flexible workspace solutions. These packages can be sold online via your website or through the member portal. In turn, this opens your space to up new opportunities and increased revenue.

how can i package my services?

Reporting And KPIs

Empower your workspace with accurate KPI’s and reporting to ensure strategic decision-making using our Coworking space software and Business Center solutions. You can generate a real-time view of potential opportunities and projected revenue. Stay on top of your bookings, contracts, and new acquisitions through our intelligent dashboard. KUBE will help you identify trends to ensure your workspace is optimized for revenue and growth.

how can i grow strategically?

Member Portal

You can enhance the community experience with features for communication and collaboration using our Coworking management software and flexible workspace solutions. Construct new ways of working together through our community messaging, our intricate member directory, and our options for event management. Drive efficiency by allowing your members to self-service from billing to room booking.

how to build a thriving community?

Branded iOS Application

Provide a mobile experience for both you and your members through our Coworking app and shared office tools. Create a more delightful workspace experience with greater accessibility of your services. Utilize member booking, direct communication, and payment processing features on the go. Stay connected to your space and your members from anywhere.

how do i create a custom app?

White Label Features

Brand KUBE the way you see fit with our options for white labeling. Build retention and value among your members by offering the best technology services and member experience for flexible workspaces under your name. The platform allows you to seamlessly sell your packages and memberships online through your website while maintaining your original design.

how do i wow my community?


You can seamlessly integrate the KUBE platform and Business center tools with your favorite broker, finance, payment, voice, marketing, and business application. The integrations result in the ultimate efficiency by saving you and you staff from having to enter your data twice. You can make your operation scalable by having a single-source for your workspace management needs.

how can i scale my workspace?


KUBE - Coworking Hardware

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Anyone on your team can easily setup and on-board a new member to access your data and Wi-Fi network. KUBE allows you to generate real-time reports to identify and automatically bill high-volume Internet users. You can eliminate your member’s third-party firewalls and network devices by delivering a complete, secure, enterprise-grade solution through KUBE. Through the mobile and web self-service interface, members and guests can access the Internet without tying down your staff.

how do i improve my data/wi-fi?


KUBE allows you to deliver the right amount of Internet performance to each of your members. More importantly, KUBE automatically watches over your network to ensure that your members remain connected at all times. Build client retention through reliable and exceptional Internet. The system automatically monitors your Internet and keeps your informed of any unusual activity to ensure a seamless operation.

how can i deliver better internet?


Anyone on your staff can easily setup and connect your members to our voice services on demand in seconds. KUBE’s comprehensive, enterprise phone solution allows you to monetize voice services from voicemail transcription to call recording. KUBE eliminates the complexity of billing your clients for local, nationwide, and international calls through automatic billing.

how can i monetize my voice services?

Door Access

With KUBE, you can open new opportunities by providing real-time access to your space 24/7 without the additional staff. The platform removes manual processes by ensuring that your doors are connected to your billing and reporting in real-time. Delight members and guests by providing real- time notifications for additional costs when accessing the space.

how do i open my space 24/7?

How can KUBE Maximize your Coworking Space?

Manage Members and Leads

Manage Members and Leads

Build Community

Build Community

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Automate Your Billing

Automate Your Billing

24/7 Full Support

24/7 Full Support

Internet and Voice On Demand

Internet and Voice On Demand

Customizable Plans, Flexible Pricing