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Why Choose WUN Workspace Solutions For Real Estate Owners?

With the new demands of the gig economy and flexibility being the number one goal of the next generation, shared Coworking space is poised to expand quickly. Space is not the issue. Space is available right now. The issue is creating a productive work environment. One that offers the resources of today’s office, but is designed to fit the particular needs of a Coworking space. A place that draws coworkers in because it offers what they need to be productive. Of course, coworkers want cutting edge resources with no down time. They expect tech to work perfectly because they are used to complete integration with the ability to jump from one system to the next with no interruption of workflow. What they are looking for is WUN System’s premier end-to-end technology platform.

Complete Workspace Management Technology, Now Possible

At WUN , we have taken workspace technology integration to the next level. Partnering with WUN means all of your bases are covered. From Wi-Fi, API, and software integration applications, we have a the workspace solution to fit your needs. Our technology for Coworking spaces allows you quick and easy access both to monitor and implement changes as you grow. Here are some of the features we provide to make your Coworking space a destination for clients seeking a flexible workspace.

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State of the Art IT Infrastructure and Coworking Management Addressing Today’s Commercial Real Estate Challenges


With traditional commercial real estate leases, the landlord receives a fixed amount per square foot for an extended period of time. Coworking space allows the landlord to capitalize on their real estate with no ceiling.

KUBE by WUN enables landlords to offer membership packages similar to a gym, granting the ability to oversell the capacity of their space. WUN’s meeting room scheduling software allow the landlords to monetize the same space with multiple members and guests. Private offices and dedicated areas within you Coworking space can be easily managed using the WUN Coworking space management software and will often times fetch a rate of 2 to 3 times higher per square foot over traditional CRE space.

how do i make more money?


With traditional commercial spaces, the landlord is often faced with a timely and expensive process to fill vacancies.

Through the use of WUN’s flexible workspace solutions, the landlord is able to easily fill and manage vacancies by breaking their open space into small, rentable offices available on a short-term basis. KUBE by WUN allows the landlord to create a flexible office design that helps attract prospects to fill their empty space.

how do i fill my space?


Most residential and commercial landlords are subject to economic changes that result in large vacancies and a drastic impact on their bottom-line.

WUN’s technology for Coworking space enables the landlord to become their own tenant by turning their traditional space into a shared workspace. Coworking or shared office space can perform well during uncertain times as a result of entry level price points and flexible terms for members.

how do i beat a recession?


Most landlords and developers are facing the challenge of attracting desirable tenants to fill empty spaces in their commercial and residential buildings.

WUN’s flexible workspace solutions empower residential buildings, hotels, banks, retail and commercial space to developing Coworking space as an amenity. Using our facility management system helps sell the building by providing an area for your tenants to meet, work, and collaborate.

how do i attract new tenants?


Many landlords and developers are often vulnerable to their Coworking and flexible workspace who may decide to leave or not pay rent.

KUBE by WUN provides a landlord or developer with all the tools to start or operate an existing Coworking space. WUN’s space management system removes the operational barriers to scaling and growing a successful Coworking space.

how can i maintain my occupancy?


“Their dedication to customer service is where they have created an invaluable difference in the marketplace. We are fortunate to have a quality technology provider that continues to meet the growing demands of our valuable clientele.”

James Kleeman Director Emerge212

IQ Office Suites

“Our team likes using KUBE because it's able to configure systems specifically for our members, unique to their needs.”

Kane Willmott Co-Founder IQ Office Suites

Premier Business Centers

“KUBE allows me to offer our clients a full featured platform that just works. I get all the latest technology and integration without having to deal with configuration, maintenance, and support.”

Ryan Mindell IT Director Premier Business Centers

Pacific Workplaces

“KUBE helped give us an integrated road-map to where we are today, which has been extremely helpful in our growth and the level of service we’re able to give to our clients.”

Scott Chambers COO Pacific Workplaces

How can WUN Maximize your Real Estate?

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Manage Members and Leads

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Build Community

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Real Time Reporting

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Automate Your Billing

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24/7 Full Support

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Internet and Voice On Demand

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